A complete guide on how to download biodata format for marriage.

You are on a right place. You are just a  few moments away to download simple biodata format for your marriage or best resume format for your career. First of all,we will start with the very basics as biodata plays important role in your life.

What is the definition of  Biodata?

Have you gone through the brochure of any product? Infact, it’s the similar for mankind. It’s the document which consists of a personal information such as name, father’s name, race, date of birth,place of origin ,family details, hobbies, education etc

Our parents had used biodata for the purpose of their career. Nowadays, Biodata is not used for the purpose of job.It is mostly used for marriage in India and in some parts of asian countries. For instance,if you are planning for marriage you and your parents require it for future decision. You may explore more about biodata at wikipaedia

Tips to write marriage biodata.

  • Profile for prospective groom and brides in India
  • Information related to education and career in chronological order.
  • A marriage ‘CV’ in India
  • Ideally, it should be 1-2 pages.
  • Remuneration details – It matters in case of arrange marriage.If not in your case, you are lucky enough.

So,you understood the basic concept. Just, click here to check out for marriage biodata.

How to write biodata for marriage in India.

Marriage biodata is summary of your personal details such as your qualification, job or family background etc.This is specifically used when a boy or girl is looking for marriage. It seems simple my friend, but small word can alter your wife or husband.The latest biodata format for marriage can enhance your probability to get married with the desired boy or girl. You can change the job if you dislike but finding a suitable wife or husband again would be toughest task of life.

The components of Biodata for marriage format –

  • Photograph of Bride and Groom – A latest format for marriage biodata will always have space for photograph. Even though you are passing out from IIT, but look matters. Its the first impression. Whenever you are planning for marry, get a good photograph and use appropriately in best biodata format for marriage. Avoid using group photograph because it will distract the attention. Take some help of professional photographer as it is a matter of life.
    • Tell something about yourself – Write something cool about yourself so it will be noticed at first sight. If you can crack the first deal in best biodata format i.e photograph prospective decision maker will be excited to know more about you.

It should be short and simple. Carry your own style , but ensure to look authentic. For example , ‘ I am cool, open minded minded and caring person. I did my B.Tech from ABC Institute of Technology. I am working as Engineer in ABC Limited.

  • Family background -Everyone is proud of their family. We should always be honest about our parents background in best marriage biodata format. For instance, you may write like that in marriage biodata format.

For example, My family background is simple. My father is retired professor and my mother is government staff.

There are some points which you may consider while writing marriage biodata.

  • Name of Parents with their qualifation and Job.
  • Name of Siblings with their qualifation and professional status.
  • Going further, you may add your uncle’s profession.
  • The type of family i.e nuclear or joint.

Religion , Caste, Community and hobbies –

Mostly, arrange marriage takes place in between same community and same religion so it is very important to mention your community , religion and hobbies.

A checklist you may use –

  • Religion – Hinduism, Islamism, Sikhism, Christianity and Jainism etc.
  • Community – Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi and others.
  • Hobbies – Playing cricket, loving music and watching movies.

Professional status –

The first and foremost question comes into our mind when we plan for marriage.This is the most important section of any latest biodata format for marriage. Whatever you do in your life for money, Feel free to write passionately.

Tips to write professional status in marriage biodata –

  • If you are in service, write complete details of job such as designation, tenure , company’s name and location.
  • A businessman needs to clearly mention the type and location of business.
  • A professional individual such as lawyer, doctor and astrologer should clearly write specialisation and location.
  • Remuneration is most important, but it’s very tricky to mention. Some people may be offended if you talk directly.However, you may mention your salary range.

Marital status –

  • Be proud of whatever your marital status is. The options are available in best biodata format for marriage. You just choose from single, divorced or widow for your marital status, however a reason in one sentence for divorce would be little tricky.

Physical appearance and age. It is very important to mention physical looks in latest biodata format such as height, weight , complexion and age. Infact, we can write in such a way that our strength points become more visible.

God has given each one of us an unique identity so it’s better idea to focus on your strength areas rather thinking about weak points. For instance, If you are earning well it should be highlighted in biodata format for marriage.

Be specific about your expectations from your prospective life partner.

This section of biodata is of utmost importance as it decides your expectations from your prospective life partner.

Please ensure to write every expectations from your future hubby or wife precisely in biodata. The following checklist you may use while writing expectations section in latest biodata format.

  • Occupation – Choose the occupation expectation of your future spouse wisely. Every occupation has pros and cons so be ready to whom do you want to marry. In fact, it’s advisable to be specific, such as doctor ,engineer or manager etc.
  • Pet Lover – Believe it or not. It’s very sentimental part. Infact, you should clearly state about your like or dislike about pets.
  • Hobbies and interest of prospective spouse.
  • Eating habits – Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian.

Horoscope is the important information in biodata format for marriage –

If you believe in astrology it is absolute necessary to write about the horoscope details. The few points need to address in Indian marriage biodata are :

  • Manglik – If you are mangalik , let world know about you. In fact you should tell everything in detailed because it all about faith.
  • Rashi and nakshatra of boys and girls.
  • Non-believer – Some people don’t believe in astrology at all. You should simply say ” I don’t believe in astrology and like to marry like minded girl or boy.

Now, you understood the basic components of Indian marriage biodata. Hey! It’s time to check out our best biodata format which is suited for every community in India.

What is resume?

Hey! Obviously you know about resume as you seem to be a researched a lot earlier.

Seriously, I am not kidding. Most of the people know about the meaning of resume, but unable to make the best resume when he is supposed to attend the interview.

You are just a few minutes away to download best resume format for your interview. Before moving to download the resume format, I advise you to have detailed understanding of resume.

Resume is a summary of your academic, skills and career accomplishments when hunting for the job.

Basic tips for writing resume format.

  • Ideally, it should be of 2-3 pages.
  • Your resume should highlight your achievements.
  • The objective of finding a job is to be clearly defined.However, It should not be more than 1-2 sentences
  • It should contain basic information such as education, Age and location.

This is to note, it should be not be detailed oriented and rather it’s not your professional profile. This is just a product brochure of your career. Every product brochure for marketing is meant to target a specific customer. Similarly, specific resume format is meant to qualify for specific job.I hope, your basic concept is clear for resume. Here, I have listed some important tips how to download resume format that will suit you.

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