How to write about myself in marriage biodata (8+ samples for about myself in biodata)

Describing myself in marriage biodata for girls and boys is tricky. We need to focus on our strong points and express ourselves in a style that will positively impact our future spouses.

We are often stuck when we need to explain in a few sentences about ourselves in matrimonial sites.

About me in marriage biodata format is the essential phrase because it is the first sentence that prospective spouses will see and decide whether they will choose the life partner. We should focus on crucial pillars like profession, age, height, hobbies, personality, etc. Here we bring you the best format to write about myself in marriage biodata or matrimonial sites.

Sample 1 –

1) About myself for marriage biodata for Advocate

I have been a practicing Advocate in the high court, Patna, since 2010. I did my L.L.B. from National Law University, Kolkata. I am passionate about legal practice, and my goal is to practice in the supreme court in the future.

I am a single child, and my parents are retired from a government job.

I come from, middle-class ethical family. I am an extrovert and spend my leisure time with friends and families.

2) Sample 2

Describe about yourself in marriage biodata for model

I am tall and beautiful and come from an upper middle-class background. My hobbies are watching movies, going out with friends and playing badminton. I am occasionally a drinker and want to mingle with friends.

3) Sample 3

About myself in biodata for government job

I would describe myself as trustworthy, caring, good-hearted, and happy. I believe in truth and hate who lies unnecessarily.

I am in a government job and come from a joint family. For me, family is an essential aspect.

4) Sample 4

About myself in marriage biodata for vegetarian

I am vegetarian and working as a clerk in Bank. I come from a Brahmin family with a lot of faith in God. Culture, Hindu rituals, and prayer are of prime importance for us. I am a kind-hearted, hard-working and caring person. My hobbies are reading Nobel, watching movies and going out with families.

5) Sample 5

About myself in shadi biodata for I.T. employee

I am good-looking, 5 ft, 7 inches, and have a cheerful smile on my face. I did my graduation from Calcutta University in 2015. I have been working as a consultant at T.C.S. since 2016.

I love photography, modeling, and having dinner with friends. I come from a lower-middle-class family and have high moral values.

6) Sample 6

I did my M.B.A. from I.I.M., Kolkata in 2015. Since then, I have been working in various M.N.C. I am ethical, hard-working, and have a great sense of humor. I come from the lower middle class. My father is retired from a primary government school.

7) Sample 7

Introduction in marriage biodata for boys

I am an arts graduate from Delhi University. I am a simple person with good moral values. I work in the private sector and love to share my thoughts with families and friends.

8) Sample 8

I believe in honesty in a relationship. I am a fun-loving, educated, and outgoing person who always smiles. Academically, I am M.B.A. and L.L.B. from Symbiosis. I am working as a Legal Manager in a top legal consultancy in Mumbai.

10 + positive sentences to include in marriage biodata

We have compiled several positive lines for your marriage biodata needs. Please use this sentence as per your personality and style. Rightly said, positive lines for marriage biodata can impact the reader.

  1. I am confident.
  2. I am open minded.
  3. I make a great decision
  4. I don’t need the other person’s approval.
  5. I am responsible for my happening.
  6. Being human, I make mistakes.
  7. I don’t compare myself to others.
  8. I come from a very ethical family.
  9. I deserve it. Why settle for less?
  10. I am lovable

Write about yourself in matrimonial sites for boys and girls (10+ samples about me in matrimonial sites) 

About me on matrimony for boys and girls is the first impression for any prospective spouse. It is the kind of page cover of your matrimonial profile.

We will guide you on writing about me on any matrimonial sites with 10+ samples. Be it writing about me on matrimonial site you should write about me in a style that will create a tremendous impression on the people looking for the best groom and bride on the matrimonial site.

Marriage is made in heaven, but people choose the biodata format from our site. We need to keep a few pointers in mind while writing your matrimonial profile.

Be genuine while writing about me in shadi profile  –

Writing about myself in is sometime very tricky. Matrimonial site is not a dating site. We should be very genuine about our age, salary, profession and religion etc. There are plenty of profiles in matrimonial site. surely, everyone gets the better half. The relationship should be based on truth rather than falsehood.

Say about your interest in jeevansathi profile

Likeminded people mingle much, and thereby we should talk about our interests in matrimonial sites. The sample of writing interest in maybe – I love dancing, I play guitar, I love singing, I am outdoor game lover, etc.

Be proud of your family background in shadi profile – 

Whatever we are today because of our family background, be proud while writing about me on any matrimonial site. The sample of writing about the family background on the matrimonial site maybe – I come from a joint family background with so much respect for each other. My father is a retired Government Teacher, and my mother is homemaker.

10+ matrimonial profile samples to use it in shadi, jeevansathi and bharatmatrimonials

About me matrimonial profile for boys 

  1. Sample for matrimonial profile for I.T. professional –

I am 6 ft tall, young, energetic Bengali brahmin working with top it company in Bangalore. We are from Kolkata and shifted to Bangalore for a job in 2015. I did my B.Tech from Jadavpur University in 2012.

I am staying with my younger brother and my mother. I am a happy human, love to drive cars in my spare time, and love outdoor games.

Matrimonial profile sample for businessman

I am from a business family and joined our family back in 2018. I love to go to the gym every day and lead a very healthy life. I am 33 years of age with 5 ft, 10-inch height. I believe in god and have high moral values. I want my life partner to be from a business family because together, we can expand our business.

Sample for matrimonial profile for government job

I am working with the government Bank since 2018. My age is 32, height – 5 ft, 10 inch with charming personality. We come from very ethical south Indian Brahmin family. For us, Hindu values come first. I have 2 siblings. We stay together and wish to stay as a joint family.

Sample for matrimonial profile for divorced man

I am working with MNC IT company in Bangalore. I had a divorce two years back. It Was based on mutual consent. We moved our way. I am here to find our again my true-life partner who understands and values the true meaning of family. Needless to mention that this is my second chance to settle, so please get in touch with me only knowing the facts that I have spoken. My family background is quite decent. My father is a retired Bank Manager, and my mother is a homemaker.

Matrimonial sample profile for doctor

H.I.!! I am Punjabi, age – 31, height – 6 ft, 1 inch, profession – Doctor and working with a top nursing home in Delhi. I did my MBBS from XXX Medical college in 2012. I come from an upper-middle-class family. My father is a heart surgeon, and my mother is a dental surgeon. I love to do exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

About me matrimonial profile for girls/ bride 

Profile sample for matrimonial profile for the widow.

Hello! I am sivani, 27 working with a top I.T. service company in Patna, looking for an open-minded person to settle down. Unfortunately, I have lost my husband in a car accident two years back. I am staying with my baby girl and my mother. My mother is a retired government officer. I love to cook in my spare time and want to have good times with my baby.

Matrimonial profile sample for the actress.

Hi! I am Riya, 22, a beautiful Bengali girl from Kolkata. I am into the Tollywood industry. I started doing modeling in 2015. 

I am open-minded, love to travel with friends, and wish my partner from the same industry. I want to pursue my passion, i.e., acting after marriage. I am looking for a life partner who has progressive thought and wants to settle with an independent woman. I love watching movies. 

Best line for matrimonial site for girl

Hello. I am Priyanka, age – 25, Maithil brahmin from Jharkhand. I did my engineering from N.I.T., and I worked with M.N.C. in Hyderabad. I am an open-minded book lover and extrovert person. I am from a joint family that includes my aunties and cousins

Matrimonial profile written by Parents for a bride 

My daughter is 25, 5ft 3-inch tall, beautiful girl from Noida. She completed her engineering in I.T. in 2019. She has got campus placement in IT MNC in Noida. We are looking for a boy who is well settled in the I.T. industry in Delhi, N.C.R. My daughter loves to paint and has participated in several competitions for painting. We are looking for a boy who will be more like my son. Please get in touch with only the interested groom.

Matrimony summary for girl 

Hi! I am Simran, age, 23 , height – 5ft, 3 inches from Patna. I did my M.B.A. in H.R.M. and worked with a top multinational company in Patna. My parents are well qualified and work in government organizations. My parents want a groom from the government sector. We are from a very ethical family background.

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